Our Values

People and Purpose Before Profit

By sharing a common Purpose we can all look up at the sky and help navigate to the North Star together rather than waiting for someone to lead us. Our purpose is the foundation upon which the company is built and what guides our people each day. With our purpose in mind, people are the heart and sole of the company. From Vertroos colleagues to the parents, children, and mental health professionals we serve. We keep our purpose and our people front of mind because it’s easy to get focused on objectives, KPIs, and revenues, and forget about the people and souls we touch every day.

To achieve the best possible success for our customer we prioritize our focus in the following in order: We take care of ourselves first (e.g., put your oxygen mask on first so you can help others), then each other, and then serve our customers to the best of our abilities. Not only is this the right thing to do, it leads to better solutions, better products, more successful customers and ultimately greater profits over the long term.

Build Trust Everyday

We believe in ourselves and each other. We assume the best and give each other the benefit of the doubt. We encourage each other to be our best selves, do our best to help our customers and the company succeed, and provide direct, honest, and constructive help to each other.

Trust is earned day by day, hour by hour. We demonstrate trust through words, by truth telling, and actions, by operating with transparency, honesty, and integrity. We do the right thing, admit when we’re wrong, and give honest feedback. Our trustworthiness allows our teammates to depend on us. They know we can be trusted to do our jobs to the best of our abilities without being forced to do so.

We also build trust by demonstrating respect for each other, while valuing our differences. We don’t gossip about each other, blame others when things don’t go as we hope, or shirk responsibility - we take ownership of our work, or words, and our actions. We continue to earn trust by upholding our mission and values in all we do.

Embrace Our Differences

One of the greatest gifts of being human is that we are all different. Race, religion, introvert/extrovert, gender, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, fast thinker, slow thinker, artistic, analytical….When we embrace our differences and learn to harness the power the differences offer, we win. This allows us to deliver our best to our customers, grow as individuals and as a team, and become our best selves.

Long-Term Vision and Action

To help the most people and make the company most successful, we think and act with the long-term in mind. This aligns our behaviors, plans, and goals with those of our customers. Focusing on the near-term, such as quarterly quotas and revenue even-over customer success, doing deals that may not be in the best interest of our customers or the company long-term, are not acceptable to us and, over time, lead to trouble.

Embrace the Journey

Our mission, vision, and goals are lofty. It will take incredible effort, teamwork, skill, and luck to achieve them. The journey ahead of us is incredibly challenging, and we love it. When we’re frustrated by these challenges we remind ourselves and each other that this is the path toward the greatest success and it is supposed to be hard.

We embrace the hardest challenges because we know they are the path to the greatest accomplishments - helping as many kids and families possible. On the journey value pilots and experimentation over arguments and solutions over problems. We make mistakes regularly and embrace them as valuable learning opportunities.